Important: Do you drink from a can? Pay attention on this problem, please!

A lot of people consume drinks such as beer, juices and energy drinks directly from a can.  There was a case recent time ago when a woman passed away and the reason was connected to Leptospirosis (field fever, or rat catcher’s yellows, or pretibial fever).

The autopsy has established that the woman got infected by rat’s urine. Just a couple of days earlier she had bought and consumed juices from can, and later on went on a vacation. The analysis has additionally established that the cans had been contaminated by dried rat’s urine, which was the reason for the infection and for the death of the woman.
The Rat
The things which are happening into practice is the following: the beers and juices in cans are kept in different stores after production and the same are full of rodents that move on them and urinate on them. The consumers more often don’t have a clue what are they actually consuming. The rat’s urine is pretty toxic and the same has toxic substances and bacteria. Another study has also shown that the upper parts of the cans are more filthy compared to the public toilets when talking about the bacteria amounts.

That’s why the experts advice you to wash the upper parts of the cans, and the drink must be consumed from a glass, not directly from the can.