bedwetting 2
It is completely natural that muscles called benders (flexors) which are preventing the  unwanted bed wetting start this function when the child is maximum at the age of three, but even then it happens for the child to continue with the bed wetting. This causes a concern in the family, and the family members consider that there are some disorders in child health.

It is true that in normal conditions the child starts controlling the bed wetting at the end of the age 2, in its last few months, and the child can manage not urinating in the bed during the whole night. A child who continues with the bed wetting after the second year is a child with weak nerves, a child who often bites the nails, scratches the pimples and gets angry too often.

The influence of the environment in which the child lives can very often influence on the child’s mental health, then the relationship between the mother and father and the harmony of their marriage which is a reason why children have bed wetting problems even when they are adults because they are exposed on some rough behavior by one of the parents.

Treatment of the child pissing in bed by using honey can be done by giving a small spoon of honey to the child before the same goes to bed. This has a positive effect on the child, calming the nerve system. The fruit sugar in the honey has the same attributes as all the other types of sugar-which means the sugar absorbs the moisture and this way it has a useful effect on the kidneys.

When this problem withdraws, the practice can be stopped at the same moment and then it can be seen whether the bed wetting is under control or not. If the problem is yet present, the patient is advised to continue using the honey, but having in mind to take smaller quantities than the usual. This refers to taking just a half spoon until the control over the bed wetting is established.