To see or not to see? To be checked out or to be left equanimous?
Whether the interpretation of  dreams can cause some stress?….
A gazelle is a symbol of an beauty or a female slave.

When dreaming you’re hunting a gazelle, this is a sign you’re setting a trap for some female slave or cheating some other woman to marry her.

In case you dream aiming at a gazelle with a rock-be prepared to separate from your wife, or you’ll show violence over her, or you’re going to prick a female slave.

In case you dream a gazelle is aiming with an arrow this is a sign you think of a female slave.

In case someone dreams slaughtering a gazelle and the blood comes out of her-the symbol is that this person is going to strip the female slave virginity.

In case transforming into a gazelle, be prepared of experiencing the worldly relishes, delights. On the other hand, you’re going to gain inheritance and a great good in case you dream taking a gazelle. Your wife is disobedient in case you dream that a gazelle had jumped on you.

If dreaming that you follow a gazelle trace, this is good news-your power would increase.

Some other interpretation of dreaming a transformation into a gazelle says that this is a sign of gaining personal and material/ corporeal success.

Your son is going to get married if you dream taking a gazelle and bringing it in the house. In case your wife is pregnant, you’ll get a son. You’ll make a perpetration of rape fornication in case you peel a gazelle.

In case you dream that you have a gazelle as your possession, you’ll get a property on a sinful way, or in the second case you might marry some free noble woman. The symbol of eating gazelle’s meat in a dream is that you’ll get a property from some beauty.On the other hand, if dreaming you’ve got gazelle’s youngling, you’ll get a child from some beautiful female slave.