Making Dishes With Mint

Making Dishes With Mint3
The mint is perfectly fitting in meals with vegetables such as the tomatoes, the cucumber, the peas, the carrot and the young potato, goes along with fruits such as the lemon, the orange, the pine-apple, melon, and with food and drinks such as lamb, fish, soup, yoghurt, chocolate and liqueur.

1.Soups, salads and additions: Here we refer to the cold cucumber soup with yoghurt and mint, the melon or avocado soup. The peas puree, or beans with mint is real refreshment with fish or meat. Along with the grill/barbecue you can also serve the cut and a little cooked eggplant or marrow/pumpkin marinated with a mass consisted of olive oil, dill, mint, salt and pepper.

2.Here we refer to the vegetables soups, pointing at cucumbers, tomato, onion, cooked lentil and chicken chest, fennel, orange, garlic and mint. The vegetable and the mint can get combined with Couscous (a traditional Berber dish of semolina) as well.

3. Lamb meat can be served with the calcareous vegetable, such as young potato, carrot, asparagus a little fried in oil with an addition of raw mint, salsa of little burnt pine nuts, cucumber, pomegranate, garlic, or the same can be overflow with onion, parsley, mint, lemon crust and a small walnut. The lamb meat might also be served along with yoghurt with mint. If there is cucumber in the yoghurt, the same can be served as an appetizer with a little burn bread.

4. Sweet things-here we can say that the mint leaves are also being added in the sugary syrup for fruit salads, the green lemon, the ice cream and the melon. It can be also added on the vanilla cream, the chocolate sauces, sweets ant the sour cream.

5. Sea food-here we refer to the shell/mussel with a peas puree. With olive oil and mint, then with the white fish along with the pistachio nuts sauce, mint, garlic and olive oil, and the third thing are the shrimps with rosemary along with pine nuts sauce, garlic, Feta (a white brined curd cheese), parmesan, chilly peppers, mint, olive oil and lemon juice.