Figs Into Batter

fig into batter
In order to prepare this special dish you should take the following ingredients:
20-25 figs,
120 grams ( 4.23 oz) of butter,
1 small spoon of cinnamon,
1 egg,
1 lemon crust,
40 grams ( 1.41 oz) of sugar,
200-300 grams ( 7-10.5 oz)  of flour and
half a spoon of pastry powder.

As talking the preparation, you need to mix the egg first, and add the sugar, the cinnamon, the lemon crust and stir it all well.  Then add the butter and the flour at the end, mixed with the pastry powder. Then knead the batter with your hands. Make small balls and extend them with the rolling-pin. In the middle of each extended ball put per 1 fig. Shape them. Then put them in row and bake them on 200ºC ( 392.00ºF)  for 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle them with some sugar powder if you want. Serve them hot with home-made marmalade.

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