Does dreaming of Monkey can cause …..? 
The Monkey is a symbol of some poor man, denied and deprived of the life benefits.  The monkey is sometimes symbol of a plotter, carnassials and man who devoted himself on the game. In case you dream fighting against a monkey and he defeated you-you’ll get ill but you’ll recover, in case the opposite happens i.e. you defeat the monkey, you won’t recover.

You’ll defeat your enemies in case you dream someone gave you monkey as a gift. You’ll get in trouble or you’ll get ill in case you dream eating a monkey meat.

You’ll get some use from black magic if you dream catching a monkey.

You’ll do some immoral things in case you dream having sex with a monkey.

On the other hand you’ll have some dispute and quarrel with some man in case you dream some monkey has bitten you.

Some people believe that monkey can be also a symbol of man who does huge sins. Some renegade will do adultery with the wife of the man who dreams that a monkey got into his bed.

Sometimes eating a monkey meat can mean that the dreamer will get new apparel.

If you dream a monkey eats along with you on the table and you’re a ruler (or some person on a high position and authority) you should order all women to get naked and you’ll find out that not all of them are female.