How to Withdraw from Oxycodone at Home

How to Withdraw from Oxycodone at Home

People often use prescription painkillers to get relief from pain.These are also commonly called opioid pain relieversin which oxycodone mainly included that was developed in Germany in 1917 and now it is most commonly used.According to the statistics given in 2010, in the USA, it was being used for non-medical use by nearly 12 million people. From then its number of users has been increasing continuously that is a matter of concern.Because people use it as a painkiller once or twice, and eventually they become addicted to it.

And not only that, some people raise addiction so much that they reach illegal substances such as heroin. From where to return is definitely challenging.Although the process of withdrawal is not easy because the withdrawal symptoms are so inconvenient that people continue to abuse oxycodone to avoid the effects of these symptoms. Still, here are some tips to help you that you can get rid of oxycodone addiction at home.

Withdrawal symptoms

When your dose of oxycodone is reduced or it is quit altogether then the following symptoms arise.

·         Yawning

·         Vomiting

·         Diarrhea

·         Loss of appetite

·         Cramps

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Muscle pain

·         Sweating

·         Fast heartbeat

Follow the following tips

Make a decision

There is nothing powerful than the strong intention to do anything. Once set a date for quitting oxycodone. However, this is a delicate processbecause many responsibilities on you and these responsibilities do not diminishso that you may quit the oxycodone intake.But thestep-by-step plan can help you get out of this.And due to this, during responsibilities, you are motivated to be positive thoughts.

Start tapering oxycodone

Tapering here means that you should gradually reduce the amount of oxycodone but for this, have to work strategically. If you suddenly quit Oxycodone then it affects you physically and mentally. Therefore, to prevent these effects, gradually reduce its amount because you will have to bear less in withdrawal symptoms.So try to use it in small amount only if you are sick, otherwise not.

Start Exercising

All drugs try to work like natural endorphins. When you use oxycodone, your brain starts to be used for artificial endorphins.Consequently, due to the endorphins made of drugs, the amount of natural endorphin can decrease, because of which you have to suffer physical and mental pain. Therefore, the best way to quit oxycodone at home is anexercise which is the best option for generating natural Endorphins as well as providing relief from all types of physical and mental problems.

Adopt endorphin-building diet

By eating the foods that produce endorphins helps to quit the oxycodone at home. Protein-rich food is included in this because protein is made of amino acid which is very helpful in generating neurotransmitters. Not only this, by consuming high-quality foods, natural endorphins can be produced in the brain, due to which there are positive changes in your mood and you get good sleep too.Therefore, you should eat fresh fruit, green vegetables, cottage cheese, dairy products and try to avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods.