Almost all the experts agree in the answer to the question which is the only thing that they consider it best in the curing treatment effects in the world, and that is the garlic. No matter for which country, or part in the world we are talking about, people all around the world claim that the garlic is everywhere mentioned, separated and used as an excellent natural medicine.

But the smell it gives is after its consumption is pretty unpleasant and strong and this is why most people are not using is raw. They maybe don’t know that it has strongest effect as being consumed raw, and the same must be grinded or cut and be left on the air several minutes before eating it in order to get the chance to create the suitable chemical elements, first of all the allicin (which is an organosulfur compound).

This sort of prepared garlic is really most healthy but it produces the strongest unpleasant smell. Nevertheless, the experts have discovered and checked out a good consideration that will enable the individuals consuming the garlic in raw form without getting unpleasant smell.

The experts advise you to find domestic small garlic, and this “domestic” is especially underlined since there are a lot of sorts of garlic which are not proper.

How to use 

Pile it roughly the entire bulb, and then separate 2-3 small bulbs and put them into some water for 10 minutes. After that take them out and with the fingers pile the membrane, which will be done smoothly since it was damped and became soften. Do not use knife since it is very important not to damage nor cut the bulb. The same must stay complete and untouched-which is the key for using the garlic without smell. After piling the garlic drink it with a glass of water completely as if you are drinking a pill. But do this on an empty stomach 45 minutes before eating and that’s all. This way you won’t have any unpleasant smell, the same will get diluted in your system and it will bring you big part of useful attributes. The bad smell won’t be felt neither the same day nor the following one. This is already tested and proven. It is very important for the garlic not to be cut at all or damaged during the preparation and piling. It is also very important to choose especially small garlic pieces and bulbs in order not to be stuck in your throat. The same shouldn’t be bigger than a pill or a capsule.

The garlic can help you for almost every sort of hardship, and even if you are already healthy person the regular use of the garlic gives you a guarantee that this will continue your life and improve your health in all of the aspects. The garlic regulated  the toxins in the system, eliminates the bacteria from the digestive tract and system, has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the blood pressure, purifies the blood vessels, reduces the fats in the blood, it has a sooth effect on the heart and brain, improves the circulation, cleans the liver, the kidneys and the intestines, it has a positive effect on the tiredness, irritation and nervousness, prevents almost all sorts of cancer, having positive impact on the sight, hearing, memory, periphery circulation, gives you energy and power, and there is almost no organ or disease to which the garlic doesn’t have a positive impact. This is why the experts throughout the world are warmly recommending to use it every day and permanently, and for a short time you will see that there is real improvement in the quality of your health and life in general.

It is enough for you to take 1-2 small bulbs of garlic each day, and the time of its usage is determined by you only.