How to keep and maintain the eye health? Here are the instructions!
eye health

We take the good eye-sight for granted, but when we face some problem then we realize how this ability really is important. We are literally every day exposed to eye straining while we work on the computer, or the cell phone or reading or writing etc. in order to stop this accelerated and potential visual damaging we must do pause on each 20 minutes by changing the focus spot, as well as making some quick exercises during the day. The eye’s exercises help for the sight reparation on unconventional way i.e. to keep it safe as long as possible.  The eye exercises is simply at the same time improving the circulation and ceasing the creation or development of some eye disease such as cataract, glaucoma, nearsightedness or farsightedness as well as strabismus.  The exercises for eye-muscle improvement should be practiced every day since the eyes are burdened. This means whenever you feel some load and tiredness in the eyes do the exercises. They can be made anywhere and you won’t need any prop. They should last for 2-3 minutes.

Each of the exercises that will be described should be done per 10 times middle-quickly and 5 times quickly. The same should be performed by stretched thumb of the arm only by looking with the eyes without moving the head. The thumb should be moved in extreme position while the sight reaches the maximum range.

1.Sit upright and look ahead, stretch flat the right arm ahead with thrown thumb upwards.
2. Start moving the arm right-left, left-right until you can follow it with the eyes without moving the head (15 times: 10 of them with middle-quick speed and 5 quickly).
3. After this move the arm up-down to the range the eyesight reaches (15 times-10 middle-quick and 5 quick).
4.After this move the thumb diagonally left-up and right down and back conversely left to-down towards right-up (15 times of which 10 middle-quick and 5 quick).
5.Raise the left thumb for diagonally left-up and right down and backwards right-down towards left-up (15 times-10 middle-quick and 5 quick).
6. With the left arm circle in direction clockwise to where the sight reaches  (15 times-10 middle-quick and 5 quick).
7. Circle with the right arm in direction opposite to the clockwise (also 15 times).
8. Set the thumb rightfully in front of the face and get it closer to the nose, and then get it distant from the face till you can stretch the arm (the focus is constantly on the thumb).
9.After ending, rub the palms with energy till they get warm and  press the eyes with the warm palms for 15 seconds in order to transfer the energy and the warmth on them.

By applying this last part of the procedure the exercises is finished. During the performance you’ll most probably feel how the muscle eyes work intensively i.e. how after this the circulation gets improved, the power returns in the eyes and the tiredness disappears. These exercises are especially useful when you deal professionally with some precise work which asks for concentration and constant view at just one spot. By making these exercises you’ll realize that your visual concentration returns within just a few minutes. When you use a computer constantly, you read or you do some activity where you need the eye focus in your surrounding, then you should stop the work for 20 minutes and look half  a minute in certain spot which is distance from you 5 meters at least. After that you can continue with the started activity. If you work with focus on huge near during the entire day then you are advised to stop the work on each 20 minutes, and perform the described exercises for at least once a day.

At the same time while doing the eyes exercises  you must intensify the entrance of blueberries extract in order to get improvement of the  eye’s circulation, as well as entrance of the rose hip which is full of the vitamin A, and of course fresh carrot if possible, by which you’ll do huge favor for your vision.

These brief eye exercises that last just a few minutes on daily basis can spare you of many problems and by good operation you’ll most probably and without an doubt erase all the negative impact on the exaggerated straining  of the eyes, which is something normal to which each modern person in the today’s 21 century is faced with.