How the Right Footwear can Keep you Sane and Healthy

The Hips and Back1
Wearing footwear that isn’t the right fit can bring about discomfort, cause back pain, and even lead to permanent damage to the bones in the feet.  Many types of shoe can cause this type of damage but high heel shoes are the most common culprits.

When shoes fit too tightly, ingrown toenails develop as a result of excessive pressure on the skin around the toes. Ingrown toenails are not just painful but may further degenerate into an infection, or need an operation. Wearing shoes that do not fit you can also cause painful corns and calluses and when you wear shoes that do not offer proper arch support, the arch of the foot may collapse leading to more problems in other parts of your body including the hips and backs, knees and the ankles.

The Ankles

Wearing high heels can lead to permanent damage to the ankles and other lower leg areas. Wearing shoes with heels more than two inches high can lead to shortened calf muscles as well as the shortening of your Achilles tendons. If you allow your feet and ankles to shift from their natural alignment, ankle instability will set in and this makes the possibility of injury four times great.

The Knees

High heels and shoes with bad arch support force the knee to be to shift from natural alignment. When your knee shifts from its natural alignment, excessive wear and tear of the joint and surrounding cartilage may set in. This can lead to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a painful and degenerative disease of the joints.

The Hips and Back

With the collapse of the arch, the knees will drop, pulling the hips out of alignment. This will cause pain around the hip joints and trigger unnatural wear and tear on the hips. When the hips are no longer in the right alignment, the back gets affected. At this stage the spine is placed under excessive pressure as it tries to keep the body in balance. The muscles are forced to work unevenly leading to back pain, and sometimes neck pain.

Get the Right Footwear and Use Supports

There are different kinds of footwear in the market to cover a wide range of activities, ranging from walking around the home to mountain hiking. It is also important to speak with experts such as those at to make sure the shoes you choose have proper arch support. There are products on the market that can ensure your walking posture is healthy. As we have seen above, a shoe with the wrong arch support is bad for your locomotive health even if it is your size.

With the right footwear for every occasion, you can prevent your limbs and joints from pulling out of alignment while staying in comfort as you complete your day’s activities.  Wearing the right fit and changing your footwear regularly is vital for the health of your feet.

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