CHRONIC BRONCHITIS – an inflammation of the bronchial mucous as a result of an infection or professional damage. The most common minor symptoms are cough, pain in the chest, rapid fatigue, profuse sputum, heavy breathing, etc. The treatment of is performed by inhalation of honey or propolis-wax mixture in ratio 8:2, taking the honey orally and smearing the chest with a mixture of honey and flour of field mustard plant (5:1 in favor of honey).

Except this, for the treatment of chronic bronchitis a radish in combination with honey can also be used. Specifically, the inside of the radish is hollowed out and filled with honey, it is left for a few days and after that take one tablespoon three times a day.

ASTHMA BRONCHIAL – an allergic disease with attacks of suffocation, difficulty in breathing, coughing and an increased secretion of mucus. The reasons for the disease are the most common viruses and bacteria, but it can also be caused by pollen, hair, dust, etc. For the treatment of this disease use honey, propolis, bee venom and royal jelly. The patient that has an allergy of infectious-inflammatory nature the most appropriate time for the treatment is the end of spring, summer or early autumn. In patients with a disease that is caused by pollen, grasses and plants a good season for treating is the late fall, winter or early spring. The treatment should be initiated after determining whether the patient is allergic to bee products. The treatment is carried out in a period without attacks. Simultaneously with the inhalation, orally is consumed an appropriate type of honey 100-120 grams per day in six meals by holding it in the mouth. The therapeutic effect in 95% of cases is positive. The honey is used in the form of aerosol, ultrasonic and steam inhalation, locally applying, electrophoresis of the chest and oral intake by the recipe. The propolis is applied in the form of tablets or water solution. The treatment lasts for 30 days. The bee venom is often used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. It applies by direct sting, fat with bee venom and injections. The treatment takes six to ten weeks and includes 250-500 stings or five to eight milligrams of bee venom injections in the back between the shoulders. The result is positive in 85% of cases. This effect can be explained by the influence of toxins in the pituitary adrenal system.