Homemade Recipe Against Escherichia Coli and Other Bacteria!

The Escherichia coli is a normal resident of the large intestine. The same is located into the human system, even useful since the same ceases multiplication of other pathogen bacteria. The problem which appears very often is when the same appears on other places in the human system and then it’s very difficult to be cured. The same is very often present in the urinary channel where the same causes inflammations that could become chronic in case they are not being treated.

The urinary channels are not the only spot since the Escherichia can cause infections, inflammations and other problems in the digestion tract. There were even cases among some people when appeared conjunctivitis caused by Escherichia coli. The modern medicine has just partial success in curing the urinary infections caused by this bacteria. Because of the resistance of this bacteria and its ability to mutate the doctors prescribe stronger and stronger antibiotics that mainly destroy the good bacteria as well, while among women even the vaginal flora and because of this new infections arise. All this goes in circle all the time, endlessly.

There are cases of efforts for treatment this bacteria with antibiotics that lasted for even 5 years or even more. But there are several folk medicines that you can try use them in the efforts of resolving this problem. The cure which is represented gives good results equally among children and adults.


For the cure you will need:
Home-made white wine 33.8 oz (1 liter )(in order to avoid chemicals and additions), then
3-4 sprouts of rosemary (the best would be for the same to be young ones),
2 garlic bulb (10 cloves)


The garlic must be cut on small slices, add them into the wine and the overflow the rosemary. Then leave it all into glass bottle for 10 days on a room temperature. From time to time shake the bottle. After this you can start using the drink. After opening the bottle once again you must keep it in the fridge. The grown people use 1 soup spoon and the children 1 small tea spoon-of course in the morning, on an empty stomach.

The drink should be take 40 days after what you must make a break, while the indications should show that the bacteria are gone out of the urinary tract.  The rosemary has an excellent effect against other bacteria, and in case you can’t resolve some other sorts of resistant bacteria, then you should try with this cure if you like. There are positive experiences in treatment the Straphylococcus, streptococci, as well as candida.