More Than 20 Meaning of Dreams With this Wild Animal…

The Lion is a symbol of unbeatable and strong monarch, having in mind the lion’s jeopardy, braveness, terrifying roar and strong anger. The lion might also be a symbol of  warrior/ thane, thief evader, official-cheater, scriber of complaints or some enemy who seeks something. In worst cases the lion is a symbol of death or hardship, since the person who sees the lion gets pale, has some internal unrest and faints. The last two symbols connected to this wild animal are monarch who snatches people and makes them violence, and some superior enemy.
In case you dream that a lion entered your home and at the same time in the real life there is someone ill in that house, unfortunately this sick person is going to die or the ruler is going to inflict hardships in that home. In case the person dreams that the lion has ripped him/her, this is a sign the ruler is going to snatch him and seize his/ her possession, or he’ll order for him to beat him up, or in worst cases-if the soul had left him, the ruler is going to allow him being killed or order to take his head off or cut it. In case you dream a lion in entering the city, a plague is going to invade the population in that city, or some hardship/ trouble, ruler, tyrant or enemy, depending on the other pointers/ indicators in real life and in the dream, except if the lion entered a church this is a monarch who is going to do injustice to the people, upset them and keep them in fear.

In case you dream riding a lion, be prepared to accept some great things and extreme danger, no matter if it is a word of opposing the ruler, dare against him or haughtily/ disdainfully act towards him, or set sail on the sea when the weather is bad, or finding yourself in a strange situation and not having the change to move and the final result will be in proportion to the length and interpretation of the dream and other important indicators in it. You’ll be fighting against an enemy, a monarch or some other who is a symbol of a lion if you dream struggling against a lion.

If you dream riding a calm and obedient lion, you’ll subordinate some ruler who is tyrant and oppressor. In case you dream welcoming a lion or seeing him beside you and you on the other hand have nothing to do with the wild animal, the ruler will somehow distract you but he won’t do you any harm. If you dream running from a lion who is not chasing you, you’ll be saved from something you’re afraid of. When dreaming you eat lion’s meat, you’ll get some possession from the monarch and you’ll defeat the enemies. The symbolism is the same if dreaming drinking milk from a lioness. On the other hand, you’ll get huge authority and treasure if you dream eating meat from a lioness. Lion’s skin is a symbol of the enemy’s possession, and if you dream cutting the lion’s head, you’ll seize an authority and possession. You’ll be hanging out with monarchs who are oppressors in case you dream keeping lions.