This phenomenon appears on certain parts of the human body, mostly specifying the head and the chain, when there is a huge amount of hair-fall.
The experts recommend us to take a bulb of garlic and to cut it on half. Then take the cut half and rub the spots of the body with lack of the hairs, until the swollen spot doesn’t get red from the massaging. After this you can also add the special cream called Butavate.

Water in the Knee

Take a bulb of garlic and mash it on small pieces, then put it under your feet and then wrap the foot with a layer. Keep it like this wrapped for 24 hours. Repeat the process as long as you feel certain knee pain.

A Cure Against Scars Gained From Dog Bite

In case you suffer an incident in which a dog bites you, and then you must take a homely-made soap and ashes and make a mixture also by adding a saliva. This mixture should be put on the sore part of the dog bite.