Here We Represent the Most Simple Diet-Just with One Fruit!
banana 1
You don’t count the calories, you don’t even have to do exercises, you eat different sorts of food without too much limitation and you’re on a diet and you get slim? This might sound as an utopia, but actually it is a word of the mega popular banana diet developed by some medical experts. It is interesting to underline that when this diet appeared first in 2008 the same caused sudden lack of bananas in the markets because of their huge popularity.  But please have in mind that the basis of this diet is not only consisted of bananas, but there are some other ingredients, as well. Even though many of us try to avoid the diets and try do take balanced food, this diet strictly is recommended because  it is not consisted of some strict rules or nutritional shocks and experiments for the system, but it has balanced approach of all the ingredients without some big limits. The very effects of the diet must be checked personally and then you can call your nutritionist or doctor to tell the effects.

The plan and the rules of the banana diet is as following:

As the breakfast is concerned, eat just bananas, nothing else. When talking about the amount, eat as it is enough for you in order to get satiated but have in mind not to exaggerate (the recommendation is 1 to 3 bananas). In the period before and after this banana breakfast you can just drink mild water, no other drinks). Half an hour later on you can drink anything you like (coffee, tea etc.).The very diet doesn’t recommend certain amount of water on daily basis, but the same is individual, according to your wishes.

Lunch and dinner-there are no strict limitations for these daily meals. Eat whatever you want but to the limit to getting satiated, without any exaggeration if passing this limit. If you want to have as much as possible efficient diet don’t exaggerate with these meals, but yet there are no further limitations in the choice of the food for lunch and dinner. Nevertheless try to have small meals compared to the ones you’ve used to take. After having lunch and dinner don’t eat any desert. It is crucial to have the dinner as earlier as possible, the most ideal time is around 18 o’clock and latest till 20 o’clock. Besides eating bananas, this is one of the most important rules consisted within this sort of diet.

Snacks and nibbles-you can have snacks many times during the day and the same can be in a form of sweets, but the important rule is for this to be same during the entire day (let’s say several blocks of chocolate). If you have to take snack and you want to have one, then it’s the best is to have it between lunch and dinner.

Sleeping-one of the important parts of this diet is to have nice and healthy sleep and to go to bed before midnight.

Morning weakening-the most important and healthiest is to have natural weakening without sudden noise and alarm clocks. You should awaken by yourself, and if you wake up before hearing the alarm then get up in order to save the body from the sudden standing stress with the strong sound. After getting up and washing the teeth you need to drink half a glass of mild water.

Making exercises-this diet doesn’t ask for some intensive physical activity, but the same asks for some light workouts that will bring good to your body without putting any big efforts. But remember that the exercises are not necessary for this diet.

What if you exaggerate with the food?-it can happen to anyone, exaggerating with the food consumption while the food diet lasts and break the rules. In such case just rest and relax, don’t try putting efforts and spend all this with some physical activity. Rest and let the body to process the food and to get rid of the surplus. You might get some kilo plus on the scale, but sticking to the rules of this diet with get back in the normal after couple of days passes by.

What is not recommended?-you are not allowed to use milk products and ice creams during this diet period. You might use them rarely and in very small amounts.

Diary-make a diary every day notifying what, when and how much you’ve eaten, take a regular measuring on the beam scale and record the current situation.

The experts claim this diet is balanced, easy to be made and it giver excellent results. There is no other diet which is more popular, reaching higher success and attention especially in the Eastern countries of the world.