Here We Represent the 9 Ways \ to Overpass the Cold, the Flu or the Virus- All By Yourself. Check This Out!


The age at which we are, along with the unusual climate conditions are one of the main reason for cold, flu or virus that embraces more and more people. In case you want to overpass and stop the cold or flu efficiently then you must react at once-on the first signs for the disease. The experts suggest 9 steps that can be taken without a doctor:

1) Take 1 coffee spoon of ginger and turmeric in powder, stir it with 3 soup spoons of water, 1-2 times a day. In case it’s too chilly for you add honey and overflow it with lot of water.

2) Consume  fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice several times a day or 1000 mg vitamin C (in pills) 3 times a day.

3) Food additions under basis of the garlic are difficult for consuming it fresh because of the smell.

4) Lots of mixtures of tea made of linden, mint, and rosemary  should be consumed if the mucus gets down in your chest.

5) Marmalade made of apple 2 times a day (taking soup spoon, remember), the sour one is good for higher body temperature, as well.

6) Take 2-3 drops of propolis/bee glue and a pipette, injecting it directly on the soar part of the throat that will spare you from several hours of throat-ache and slowing down the bacteria development.  

7) Rub the tongue in the morning and in the evening well, take toothpaste for this purpose and baking soda (in order to get rid of the bacteria that multiply  on that spot so quickly).

8) Sprinkle the nasal channels with mixture consisted of 250 ml hot water and half a spoon of sea salt from spray bottle 4-5 times a day.

9) It also helps if you put warm brandy , oil and pepper overlay on the inflammation throat during the night.

The symptoms of cold and flu will be of minimum intensity if you strike on several fronts. The more methods of the described you apply, the less and weaker and smaller-lasting the problems will be.