Healing of diabetes
It is known that to raise the height of blood sugar level is a serious problem. In most cases it is accompanied by disturbances in the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. By speed (digestion and absorption) are followed by fat and proteins. The same is with blood vessel diseases, including the arteriosclerosis (closure of the arteries), changes (clusters) of shells small blood vessels, which increases the cramped, which is again, contrary to the function they perform, and thus negatively affects the kidneys.

Diabetes is divided into two types:

First type:  diabetes that relies on taking insulin.
It occurs most often in people who have less than thirty years and it happens to produce an insufficient amount of insulin (the number of beta cells that produce insulin in the duodenum/pancreas/ less than 10%). It is therefore essential that this compensates for the lack of insulin from the outside entering through injections. This occurs due to microorganisms that have an  adverse effect on the duodenum cells (which secrete a substance insulin), the absence of these cells, the inability of these pancreatic cells to perform their function because of a virus or because of irregularities of the insulin receptors in blood cells or due to the  irregularities in the number of chromosomes, that means in the number of chromosomes there are less of them.