Hair Loss

What is the real cure for hair loss? Is there a connection between hair loss and anemia, especially the kind of anemia when girls or women lack iron?

It is known that the hair is a part of the body of man and woman and that covers the head. General weakness, especially iron deficiency that causes anemia among girls and women, consider the most important causes of hair loss. Because of all of this, anemia should be treated in a way that will include taking vegetables and herbaceous plants in the form of salads every day. This is a basic and essential way of supplying the body with minerals and vitamins, which is especially important for girls and women who have problems with the blood flow during the menstrual cycle. The treatment is done in the following way:

First: take the two hundred grams of Indian figs, figs are chopped and cooked in olive oil.
Second: before the mixture has cooled, you can still rub it to the root of the hair. This is repeated every day.
Third: after an hour wash your hair with natural shampoo.