Parsley Beet Juice

This juice must never be cons more than the recommended quantity of 30 to 60 ml. and even then, this quantity should be combined along with some carrot juice, green salad, spinach or celery.

This juice has positive effect on acids exchange in the system and maintaining the normal functioning of the adrenal and the thyroid.

This is a great agent for people with artery problems, but also for people with some urinary-genital tract disease, as well as patients with stone in the kidney and gallbladder, urinary bladder, nephritis and some other kidney disease. It has benefits for people with waterborne disease, some eye disease and eye nerve, purulent eye cornea, cataracts and conjunctivitis.

The special condition of the eye pupil “laziness” can be treated successfully by using this juice combined with mixed carrot, celery and endive/chicory juice. For women and girls who have painful menstruation the experts also recommend this juice along with beet juice, and the parsley juice is also helpful for the patients with menstrual spasms.

While consuming this juice, the patients should also take starch, sugar and meat. For people with hard visual work are advised to take parsley juice combined with carrot juice in portion 1:3.

The parsley juice also helps and strengthens the respiratory functions and the heart functions. This juice, on the other hand, is forbidden for people with kidney inflammation, and it is a helpful agent for patients with high blood pressure. One soup spoon is the perfect consumption of the parsley juice that the patient must drink.