It grows in fields, on a clay soil, forest meadows, hills and wheat and corn fields and in the potato fields, clover and where beets are grown. Due to the abundant use of fertilizers this precious herb is  more vulnerable.

It is mostly found after the winter during which there was a lot of snow and during the spring when rains and there is a moisture. Unlike the wild chamomile, the flower is hollow and the smell that comes from essential oils is very friendly. The detailed description of this famous plant is not  required.

The flower head is best  to be collected from May to August, and in the noonday sun. It will not be exaggerated if we say that chamomile is a medicine for everything, especially for young children. In each case the child should be given a chamomile tea, especially when it has colic or stomach pains. It also helps with bloating, diarrhea and rash in the skin, also in the stomach diseases and when it is full of mucus due to catarrh, disruption or absence of menstruation and other diseases of the uterus and ovaries, as well as disorders as insomnia, with fever, toothache and painful wounds