The vagina inflammation is also known as vaginitis. That is one of the most frequent disorder in the area of the gynecology.  Almost all women in certain phase of their lives suffer this disease and it is considered that 10% of the women at least has at ,least one episode of vaginal inflammation each year.

The most frequent symptoms  that can be very irritating are vulva itching, stronger secretion from the vagina along with change of the color and the smell of the discharge, pains during intercourse and often urination, swollen external genitalia structures etc.
There are several types of Vaginitis and the most familiar sort of this disease is the candidiasis which is caused by the infection of the yeast fungus called Candida albicans.

According to some doctors there is a very simple and effective but completely natural way how to resolve the vaginal inflammation and all other problems connected to this. The receipt and the direction are simple, and you need to drink per 1 glass of fresh yoghurt every single day, in wider time period. Yup, that is correct: the entire secret lies in the regular consumption of yoghurt. But the yoghurt must have vivid acidophilus culture bacteria, thus you need to check out on the package before buying the yoghurt.
Many researches and studies and experiments were done during the past years where women with vaginal inflammations were included. One of them shows that 6 months later on one group of the women who consumed a glass of yoghurt every day had three times less cases of vaginal inflammation, compared to the second group of women who didn’t consume yoghurt every single day during the experiment period. Among the women who have taken yoghurt as recommended, the vaginal inflammations have almost completely disappeared. The experts recommend women with such problems to continue with the regular usage of 1 glass of yoghurt every day.

In the fight against the infections there is part of the bacteria acidophilus L which plats an active and important role. The acidophilus which is located in most products of yoghurt in the markets regulates the flora and this way it heals the inflammations.  If you want you can make yoghurt by yourself, if you buy acidophilus culture that can be found in the markets where healthy food is being sold. If you can’t manage to find it there, then buy the ordinary yoghurt from any supermarket and apply the explained procedure. You will be astonished by the final results.