Acne cyst
I do believe that the food we eat can affect us in numerous ways. Some foods can be delicious but harmful in our body, some taste like as bad as you can imagine but in another way, helpful and nutritious when it comes to our body. However, there are lot of food that taste good and healthy at the same time. Actually, there are these common foods that can help you in treating acne away.


One of the finest green foodstuffs that can help you in cure acnes is none other than spinach! Fresh Green spinach is full in chlorophyll that disinfect microbes and infection from digestive system and blood circulate stream. These two are the causes why we have skin disorders-acne. Infects and microbes that aren’t discard at the end lead to acne. Spinach has a lot amount of Vitamin A, which probably process as an anti-acne agent.


Oops! I want to clear myself here! I’m not talking about chocolate bars here but rather dark cocoa or alkalized cocoa powder. Cocoa often used in the Philippines to make champorado (this one is perfect for cold weather). Cocoa is very strong in taste involve no sugar and is delightful for your beauty skin. Though it is down below in antioxidants, it is higher in alkalinity. Natural cocoa powder is more acidic so fights acne because it combat against acid in the organism that leads to fight and it also increase the blood stream in your facial skin. This makes your skin face more splendid and baby-face, while the alkalinity helps to beat inflammation.


Smoked salmon is one of my favourite foods ever because of its healthy benefits. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fats, protein that rise  protein (collagen) in the skin and it helps against inflammation. All these characteristic of salmon are solutions for skin face treatment (beating acne).


Carrot is wealthy in Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which is a intense weapon against acne. Consuming carrots with a healthy diet will cut acne singularly, in as little as a week. Carrots are also naturally sweet, so they help to keep you from taking of problematic foods that causing skin inflammation (acne) like sugar, junk food and fast food.

Lynne Austinn is a Health, Beauty and Fashion writer. she has been written many articles on health, fitness and beauty care tips.
So, if you want to have a clean and acne free skin, try to eat the four common foods above! Also, you can visit our site and check out our products that can surely help you to become healthier at Kings Herbal .