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The human body is composed of body, mind and soul. Human health includes all of  these elements, that is why it is necessary to have a schedule i.e. a program for improvement of health that has to include each of these components (organism). It is known that chemically produced non-natural medicines give importance to the healthy body, but does not treat the mind and the soul. In the USA this became so apparent problem because medicines just suppress disease symptoms but not the disease itself and it that way the diseases become chronic. Thus, appeared the tendency for a comeback to the nature.

Here we want to present to our reader natural healing medicines that can heal diverse diseases and severe effects. It can also help in the healing process. Grasses and plants from nature are essentials for the chemistry and only they can remove physiological defects, so why to ignore them?!

Balanced nutrition

This is one of the important ways of healing that means we should keep to the appropriate way of nutrition, as Hippocrates says: “ There are many diseases that can be healed only by healthy nutrition.” We do not want to tell people to keep to certain nutrition regime that is uncomfortable and unpleasant to them.

Black bread - made of natural yeast is the best kind of bread.

Salt - Blood consists about seven grams of salt on each liter. Salt is necessary for maintenance of the elements balance in the organism and the blood, with exceptions  in a few specific cases. If we stop consuming it completely it will undermine organism health. The organism consists of diverse kinds of salts and each of them has a specific function and sometimes some of them complement specific functions, so here is the importance of their presence in the organism.

Sugar and its products -The body needs the sugar as well as it needs the salt, and maybe even more. The sugar is found in the groceries including starch such as grains, potatoes etc. but can be found in the vegetables and fruits also.
Because of this we advise for less consummation of sugar which can be bought in the shops  in a shape well known to us. Sugar needed for the organism can be consummated every day by taking groceries which contain it.

Milk - By generations milk is considered as a complete food consisting all elements i.e it contains all necessary nutrients needed for the organism . They can be taken by the milk, because its digestion process is very short. In modern times milk has become the most important (mostly consummated) nutritional ingredient.