Folk’s Cure for Reducing the Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Blood Purification!

lemon celery
Despite the fact that an efficient receipt for regulating the blood’s fats, the experts don’t stop working on this area and this issue that torments lots of people. That’s why here we represent another fold medicine cure regarding this topic. The first receipt was based on cereals/grains, and this cure is a simple one for preparation, with a nice taste, easy for consumption and strongly efficient for people with high cholesterol and triglycerides. This cure made on the base of celery will help you for blood purification, extension of the blood vessels, stress reduction, blood pressure regulation, and especially for strengthening of the immune system. And that’s not all-the drink will have positive impact in the prevention and melting the stones in the kidneys because of its composition.

For preparing this cure you will need:

6  lemons (with a crust), 
4 celeries without root and 
33.8 oz (1 liter) of pure boiled water.

In case you can, find un-sprayed lemons. Since it is a hard task and you’re not so sure the same is sprayed or not, damp it in order to get rid of all the filth and chemicals firs. While the lemon stays there, wash the celery and get rid of the root making sure just the stalks and the leaves. All an all (lemon and celery) must be cut in pieces, then put them into blender and grind them well into mash mass. You can also use a machine for meat grinding, as well. Then all these ingredients must be put into bowl where you’ll pour 1 liter of previously boiled and cold water,  too. The mass must be mixed well and leave it like that for 24 hours on a room temperature in order for the juices to get mixed and uniform.

After this, the mass should be stirred good once again and then filter it with a small strainer or a gauze, making sure only the liquor stays on. The gained juice should be poured into a glass bottle and keep it into fridge in order not to get spoiled. Consume per one small brandy’s cup each day before each meal without skipping (3 times a day t least).

When you spend the entire doses, make another one. The practice had shown that you need 8-10 weeks every-day consumption of this juice in order to get the suiting results of reduced fats in the blood and general feeling of improvement of the overall health condition of the human system.