well beingIf you work in an office, you’ll know how difficult it can be to stay fit and well throughout the year. There are so many ways that you can pick up an illness, bug or injury when you are at work, and much of the time this will be through no fault of your own. The problem is, you are surrounded by other employees, as well as the hazards of the building itself.

Therefore it can be useful to find out what the most common health complaints that originate from the workplace are, as well as the tips that can be used to maintain your well being in the office. So sit back and have a read of this blog post so you can stay healthier this year through until next winter.

Wash your hands

One of the first things you can do is to get into the habit of washing your hands on a more regular basis; it is very easy to pick up germs from many places around the office. Everything from door handles to used teaspoons can have nasty bacteria waiting for your touch, so make sure you get rid of these from your hands before you put them anywhere near your mouth or eyes. In between washes, you could always rely on antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Take care in the kitchen

The office kitchen can be a place of many hazards, although your employer should have minimised the risks through their health and safety policy. Of course, problems sometimes can occur which is why office accidents solicitors exist to help people with the legal side of resolutions. However, in the short term, just avoid undependable kettles, and ensure the dishwasher latch is fully operational to reduce the chances of tripping.

Keep your workspace tidy

When you are at your desk you can try and maintain your well being by keeping everything tidy. Not only should it help to keep your stress levels to a minimum, but you will also be less likely to get tangled in wires. It couldn’t hurt to give your desk a quick wipe every couple of days, especially if you feel that the employed cleaner isn’t doing their job properly.

Improve the air quality

All office environments differ but many would agree that they would like the air to be fresher. Whilst you may not always be able to open a window, you could think about buying a plant to sit near your desk for a fresh boost of oxygen. Of course, you will need to water your plant on a regular basis to maintain its life, so ensure to read the directions supplied when you purchase one.

Eat better

Lastly, take care when it comes to what you are eating. Your diet can influence your immune system, something you want to keep strong when you are surrounded by so many germs and bugs. The other benefit of eating a well-rounded diet is that you will not be as tempted to raid the cookie jar; it can be harder to lose weight when you spend most of the day sitting in a desk chair.