Latin name: Ficus carica
Eat this, as it indeed cures hemorrhoids and is useful in cure of arthritis (gout).

Effective ingredients
Effective parts of figs are as follows:

Curative effect
The fig tree has great nutritional value, especially because it contains monosaccharide, minerals and vitamins.

It is used in cases of constipation. Cook fig leaves and use them to treat menstrual disorders.They also have a positive effect on the secretion of milk.

Figs also have a positive effect on the elimination of hemorrhoids, and this is because it naturally regulates the constipation.

It is also effective against arthritis (gout) in neutralizing the salts of uric acid in the joints. Arthritis is also known as “royal disease” because one of its causes is constant consumption of red meat, which leads to disturbance in the formation of membranes, i.e. acid of cell membranes.