Marigold (Calendula officinalis)


This curing herb takes very high place and it has many other names than Marigold. It helps for people with cancer and other cancer-causing tumors. It can grow in the gardens and sometimes it can be found near dumpsters and garbage dumps, but also in the fields. It has a height of 30 to 60 cm, the blossoms are in yellow or yellow-orange color, and its tree-trunks and leaves sappy and thick.

In the folk medicine the blossom, the tree-trunk and the leaf of the marigold is collected and applied. You should harvest them when the sun has the biggest power since then the level of healing effect of this herb is highest. It can be collected from the garden till late fall unless the same is not being attacked by powdery mildew.

The marigold is very similar to the Arnica, but with far bigger healing power. The difference is that only doctors can describe you to use the Arnica since this herb can be very harmful for the heart, and the marigold tea can be drunk without any negative consequences. This herb helps mostly for blood filtering, especially for contagious jaundice. You would be surprised how many miracles one to two cups of marigold tea a day can do. The marigold purifies the blood, stimulates the circulation and fastens the wound healing.

The marigold balsam helps for people with phlebitis with or without wound, fistula, frostbite and burn. It can apply together with plant mash that is left after balsam preparation and it puts on open wounds on the chest, even for women that have breast cancer.