Most Common Types of Cancer

Smoking cigarettes are the main reason for someone to get the vocal cord cancer and the lung cancer. There is a huge percentage of someone who smokes to get cancer, compared to someone who is not a smoker.

As the uterus cancer is concerned, the same appears without any significant indicator and women (girls, too) can’t really tell what is happening to their body. There are several symptoms that can tell these patients to act in time, such as: contact bleeding after the sexual intercourse, irregular bleeding-especially during the climacteric period and after the monthly menstruation cycle, as well as bleeding after urination or some other gastric problems, or bleeding after some hard work. The uterus cancer can lead girls and women to a sure death. If these patients start using the special fasting/ starvation therapy applied to cancer and other serious and complex diseases, they can be cured.
UTERUS ovarian cancer symptoms
Similar as the uterus cancer, the breast cancer can also appear hidden. The nodes, the tough spots and wrinkles of the breast can indicate the first stadium of cancer present in the system. The pains, as well as the ulcers can be visible and we can feel them even in the higher stadiums of the cancer.