Alcohol, strict forbid, Alcoholism 

Alcohol strict forbid Alcoholism
The drunk person should drink 2 big spoons of the Sweden bitter drops (diluted in herbal tea or water) and he can become sober right away.
sweden bitter

The thyme is very helpful for people with alcohol problems.

They should take 1 litre of boiled water and parboil it with a bunch of thyme. The pot must stay covered and left like that for 2 minutes. Then they need to put the tea into thermos-bottle. The prescribed dose for alcohol addicts is per one big spoon on each quarter hour. The first symptom is possible to be sickness, vomiting, urinating and sweating, along with a big appetite and a strong thirst along. If the alcohol addict can’t take it and gets back to the alcohol, this curing procedure must be repeated again.