Thyme, meadow (Thymus sarpyllum)

Thyme 1
The violet blossoms release the aroma of essential oils that is like a magnet for the insects and bees.
The garden thyme, unlike the meadow thyme, has up to 50 cm height, and the effect is the same. The thyme is most of all hot and strong. It stimulates the urine and menstruation secretion, accelerates the spontaneous miscarriages and faster birth of the child while it is still in the womb. The tea made of this herb purifies the sensitive parts in our system. It is the best cure for leprosy, paralysis and different types of  Neuro-diseases. People who drink thyme tea instead coffee in the morning can get spiritual freshness, good feeling in the stomach, no morning cough and the general good condition of those people.

The Thymes, chamomile and the St. John’s wort, collected in the sun and dried, are used for pads applied as overlays. Taking all of these three curing herb mixture at the same alleviates the neuralgic facial afflictions. If these afflictions go along with cramps then you put dried Lycopodium clavatum in the pad.

Oil and syrup can be made of it. It is a word of oil, the bottle should be filled with blossoms to the bottleneck and the overflow with oil, leave it like that for 10 days. The thyme oil is applied to people with paralysis, apoplexy, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy, rheumatism.

It is good for people who have stomach cramps and uterus contractions, as well as menstruation hardships (both for external and internal usage). They should drink two cups of tea a day. When talking about the cramps, people should put a pad full of dried blossoms and tree-trunks collected at noon sun. Before going to sleep, they should put in a bucket and heat it, then put it on the stomach and on the groins. It is also very good for people with swelling or chronic rheumatism.

It is a proved cure for people with respiratory hardships and diseases, too much secretion in the bronchial and the bronchial asthma, even for people that cough a lot. Put a slice of lemon in a cup of hot water and a small spoon of the tea mixture. After half a minute the tea should be filtered and drink as hot as possible, drop by drop. It is prepared fresh, 4 to 5 times a day. If there is danger of lung inflammation this tea should be drunk each hour, drop by drop, and its effect would be evident. Mothers shouldn’t give this tea to their children directly from the fridge since that can cause chronic bronchitis that can later on be transformed into a lung emphysema along with suffocation.