No matter we all know which sorts of food are better, and which are bad for our system and which have an impact on the human length of life, we come to new knowledge and scientific approval of these facts.

There are some researches made by relevant experts which are famous worldwide that were focused on keeping eye on the mortality among adults in the period of 30 years.
The focus of such researches was put on the connection of the immunity strengthening of the most difficult diseases and the regular use of the nut fruits. The results of the researches was showing a very strong relation referring up to 29% of the mortality reduction i.e. increased resistance of the strongest diseases such as the cardio-vascular etc.., then 11% of lowering the number of people with cancer and 20% all an all reduction of the mortality among all people and the worst diseases, and among people that used the nut products everyday no matter their nutritional habits. The researches that were made showed significant improvement of the resistance to diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, brain and heart attack, and many other hard diseases that are getting to death, including the cancer.

Even our forefathers have highly appreciated this sort of food since the same supplied them concentrated sort of food that could’ve been kept for a long time without being spoiled.  Along with the steps of the modern science, we know today that the nut fruits are great source of the Omega 3 fats, the proteins, the fibers, the antioxidants and the vitamins. The nut fruits have huge amount of fats, but it is mainly a word of non-saturated fats marked as “good fats” that have positive impact on the blood and the blood fats. The biggest number of the nut fruits is better to be eaten raw in order to keep their full nutritional value.

Nevertheless, the things that is most interesting for us is: What exactly we must enter in the everyday nutrition and in which amounts?

The experts recommend use according to the chances of raw walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachio and their similar fruits such as the Indian and the Brazilian walnuts and other of this family.  You can combine them or eat them for some time but only the same one, but the most important is to use them as much as possible regularly.  Of course, they are pretty caloric ones.

But the amount of which is perfect and which is necessary to be used every day is 28 g.  In the practice the amount that can be taken in the palm and nothing more is well enough.  This means there will be 120-200 calories which is not so scaring, especially if you take in consideration that the same is very useful for us. You must apply to the recommended amounts that the experts are prescribing and not to exaggerate. A bunch of walnut fruits every day will enable you to get pretty much improved health on the best and the most tasteful way, and long life, which is proved and recommended by so many experts in this area.