Closely guarded secrets of the honey and its healing attributes

The spring honey (buy it here) which is clean and pure represents the best kind of honey. It neutralizes the slime (i.e. the mucous), as well as some other forms of extreme humidity, removing the exhaustion and weakness, as well as the constipation (i.e. the stool), unwillingness of the patient to drink, improving the ovary functioning among women, stop bleeding (or dripping wounds), the same heals the itching (scabies) and certain eye diseases in case the same is used along with the garlic extract (buy it here). When mixed with ammonia (buy it here) , this cure is used for healing leprosy (mange) and skin lichen, and mixed with black seed oil (buy it here) it removes pains in the legs and joint, as well as improving the sexual power. If consummated when mixed with vinegar(buy it here) or salt, the same has the magical power of  removing the freckles, (acnes, pimples); if melted  in water and drunk the honey calms down the stomach flatulence, satisfies the thirst and if the same is used by pregnant woman it can even remove the hardships of post-maternal (postpartum hemorrhage) bleeding.

Many experts in this field of alternative medicine are underlining the honey bee and its important role when used as cure for some purpose. All the people discussing on this topic emphasize the secret lying in the honey bee regarding its contexture and all the elements and components that built this amazing cure. And yet there is the secret left to be discovered, and until now that seems a little possible.

It looks like the bee has a special mission on Earth: to give a special miraculous drink to the entire humanity, and at the same time to have the power to use this drink as a cure. The honey has so many healing powers, and we are not even aware of that.

Sometimes we should seriously consider of our ancestors’ words regarding the healing powers of the honey. Honey can be undoubtedly be used when the patient has stomach pains, as well as many other pains and disease. The answer is always Honey. But when talking about the curing process we must have in mind the fact that the repeating is an important part of the medical procedure. When we go to a doctor, the doctor is prescribing us the correct receipt telling us which dose is allowed from that certain medicine to be drunk. When we take insufficient dose, the illness won’t be eliminated completely, and the opposite: if we take a bigger dose than the prescribed our system would become weaker and we’d have some hardships. Some serious consequences can arise if we exaggerate with the medicine dose. When we take the cure, or in this case the honey, as the experts advise us we won’t have any problems and after several time’s use of the same we would be completely recovered.

If we have skin lichens, the best thing that we can do is take the honey along with fresh dill (buy it here), cook them along and use them for a longer time period. When we have some ear problems we should take honey and salt, mix them along and put several drops of it in the pain ear-the pains would be calmed. This is also a very efficient and useful cure for people with mouth problems-and these people are advised to wash the mouth with it, and the same is an efficient cure for people with acne problems (or freckles or pimples). The honey along with the salt eliminates the throat inflammation, gouge and tonsils. For some other patients it has a healing power-that is improving the urinary excretion, and if the same is drunk warmed and mixed with fried butter (oil or grease) it is very helpful and useful for patients with a cough. When the honey is drunk without taking the foam (slag) off, it can help us in expectoration and removing the slime (mucous). In case the honey is fried with some flour and then put on the purulent freckles (acnes, pimples), since the same opens them up and squeezes the pus from them.

As we can see and conclude, the honey (no matter if taken just the honey or the honey is taken along with some other ingredients such as the salt, dill etc) is the cure for almost all the diseases among people.