There is no anything more modest, but at the same time so useful fruit! The same is not asking for anything, and it yet gives a lot!
rose hip tea
The traces from using this herb-herb rose hip (lat. Punica granatum) can be found in ancient times when people were picking up its fruits. It is a word of a very well known plant worldwide. This berry fruit is full of different ingredients such as big amounts of different types of flavonoids, as well as one of the biggest percentages of the vitamin C in nature, it’s a recorder in the A vitamin quantities, as well as significant amounts of the vitamins B1, B2, K and E. The fruit of this plant is full of minerals and microelements such as potassium, and the same has significant amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. The same also has lemon and apple acid, tannin, pectin and phytoncides.

The flavonoids are powerful antioxidants and the fruit of the rose hip has plenty of it. The same might have positive impact on the damaged functions of the capillaries and veins which indicates on positive effects on the bioflavonius in the prevention of heart diseases. Because of the flavonoids in the rose hip, it has the attribute of pretty efficient tool in the battle against the free radicals. Elimination of these radicals which are byproducts of the metabolic process from your body then you eliminate among others the inflammatory processes that bring to damaging and decomposition of the cells.

What and how exactly is the meaning of these professional facts concretely for our system? Simply said it is desirable to consume the rose hips. The intense consumption of this fruit will most certainly help you in case you’re faced with allergies, asthma and the beauty and flow of the skin, as well as ceasing its quick aging.

The reason for this lies in the bioflavoids which is inside the rose hip. The bioflavonoids are subject of many studies where it is proven that the same help in prevention of frequent bleeding and bruises, as well as some other circulation disorders.

The bioflavonoid itself represses allergies, relaxing the respiratory paths that are embraced with the asthma. They also strengthen the collagen and the connective tissues. It’s proven that by entering the rose hip in the human system we get improved collagen production, which helps in the fight against wrinkles or prevention of their creation. This was recognized by numerous famous cosmetic companies and in recent times they use numerous preparation and cream against wrinkles in which composition are also the extracts of the rose hip. The rose hip consumption will most certainly help you for immunity strengthening, human system exhaustion, less energy and anemia. You’ll be surprised to discover that you can find more than 600 mg of the vitamin C in just 100 g of rose hip. This vitamin and the bioflavonoids have mutual contribution for the positive effects on the immunity system and prevention and fight against cancer. Just along the vitamin C and the bioflavonoids eliminate the “valunga” (manifested by warmth waves or hot flashes) among biggest number of women that participate in many researches and studies. The rose hip is also pretty efficient and useful for inflammatory conditions, especially the throat and vocals.  The tannin in it have multiply effect –referring to bacterial and fungus, as well as antidote, chemo-static (narrowing the blood vessels). The phytoncides are natural antibiotics.

The rose hip increases the general health and working ability, protecting the system from flu, cold, angina. The same has positive impact on the work of the urinary channels, especially the bladder and the kidneys (stimulating the throwing out bigger amount of urine-which refers to it as a diuretic), digestion tract of the stomach, liver and bile, against the intestine catarrh, bad digestion and rocks in the kidneys. The same eliminates the tiredness and exhaustion, purifies the blood from sedimentation of the urinary acid, detoxification by which it improves the condition such as gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

The way of apply is as following: it is the best to be used raw or dried in order not to get smaller or for the good ingredients to get destroyed. Mash the rose hip fruits and try to make sure the seeds are grinded in smallest pieces as possible (you can use a special machine for this purpose). Then damp 1 soup spoon of the powder into water. Leave it like that for 24 hours (the rose hip hairs must be damped as longer as possible in order to get softer).

Some experts claim that the hairs and the seeds must be eliminated, but they have rich ingredients inside and that’s why they should be cut in smaller pieces and damped in a lot of water for longer time. The most frequently used method, of course, is making tea that can be prepared by such fruit cut in smaller slices. Use this mass or the tea every day, especially in winter or in case you have some of the described health problems. Here we should also mention one of the most frequent products made of rose hip in these parts of the world, and they are: jam, confiture and marmalade. All these products keep partially good ingredients of the rose hip, and that’s the reason why its consumption is so beneficial, especially if it is a word of products with less sugar.