honey (1)
To heal and clean the wound from the small amount of filth use pure honey. Many research studies from well known surgeons advise the use of honey for wound healing when other products do not help. In fact, the honey has an extremely bactericidal effect and is put on sterile gauze directly on the wound. By applying honey to the wound improves the circulation, evaporate the toxins and disinfects it.

The healing ointment is made with a tablespoon of honey mixed with 30 drops of tincture Echinacea.

The honey proved to be effective for burns: it should be first cooled under a spout of water, and then put as a compress of honey.

Chinese medicine widely recommended the honey as an effective product in the treatment of gunshot wounds, purulent wounds, non healing severe ulcers etc., only honey or in a mixture with other products in various balms, ointments, etc.
For centuries, the honey and the honey ointments are used for many skin diseases, and even today, are used for the treatment of the same diseases.