The corn i.e. Zea Mays is very often cultivated nowadays. During flourishing you can see the so-called corn silk, and it is also named corn beard or hair. This is the healing part of the herb. The time of flourishing of this herb lasts from June till August. The corn silk should be cut before sprinkling with powder and to dry it quickly in the fridge.

If you need trusty diuretic, you can drink tea made of the corn silk which is effective and non-dangerous means for eliminating the fats (it can be applied among people that have over-weight, and the number of such people according to the modern standards is pretty high). It keeps too long, the not-enough dried corn silk loses the diuretic element and it has a purgative impact (it filters the hoses).

For people with urinary problems additionally applied to sand the corn silk tea is almost effective as the water heart disease, edema, inflammation of a kidney,  bladder catarrh, gout and rheumatism. It can be easily applied if there is phenomenon of wetting among children and elder people, as well as kidney colic. When discussing about all these diseases, a person should drink one big spoon of tea for each 2 to 3 hours.


Preparation of the tea: one full small spoon of corn silk put together with a quarter liter of boiled water. Since it is left to stay for a while, the same should be drunk without adding sugar.