Cabbage Juice

This juice has easy adoptable carbohydrates, as well as the Vitamins B3 and C, and folic acid and amino acids. The other things in the content here are the magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and iron salts.

The scientists have also discovered that there is some kind of a vitamin inside this juice that prevents formation of stomach ulcers and duodenum ulcers.

Attention: People who already have gastritis, or stomach and duodenum ulcers are forbidden to use this juice.

People with stomatitis and gouge inflammation should use the warm freshly squeezed cabbage juice for washing the mouth out. It is recommended for fat people since the same delays the transformation of the carbohydrates in fats.

The same is also an effective agent for people with flatulence, constipation and skin measles.

If you put some salt in this juice, it is harmful-besides it reduces the value of the cure.