Dry massage for circulation, health and beauty…Here are the directions!

Here’s a simple and completely free-of-charge method by which you could maintain  your skin completely healthy and incredibly smooth and  shiny. Actually it is a word of dry massage or skin rubbing, more specific. The dry massage of the body skin is the more efficient and very simple way of eliminating the surplus of the waste deposits/layers from its surface.

This procedure makes the skin evidently fresh, shiny and smooth, just like baby’s skin. The method is excellent for elimination of the surface toxins on the skin, racking the fatty layers, and-the thing which is so important for women-elimination or reducing the cellulite.
dry massage
This is a fantastic way to strengthen the circulation and the lymphatic drainage by which you automatically throw away the toxins, while the procedure makes it possible for all the nutritive substances and the oxygen from the blood to be transferred to all the cells. The lack of reaching similar effect with the commercial lotions, creams and other body products that the commercials offer you every day literally lies in the fact that not even one lotion gives so quick and good results as body rubbing.

With the lotions and creams that you put spread on the body the died substances in the body also get wasted, this way bringing your system in danger since lots of these products have toxic and cancerous substances that pass through the skin and the bloodstream which can result with different diseases and tumors. That’s why the experts recommend  dry rubbing i.e. massage.

All you need is just 1 rubbing brush that serves just for this purpose. The same must be hard enough in order to impact on the skin and circulation, and yet enough soft in order not to do you harm or bother you. When you choose brush that suits you, then you can start with the process. Start with the right leg and rub from down to the top till the neck with circle moves. Then rub the right arm from the fingers to the shoulders, and then continue with the left arm. Stay a little longer on the stomach surface and the butt, elbows and knees. In case some parts of your body are not comfortable when rubbing them, then skip them at the beginning.

The skin will shortly after this get blushed because of the stronger circulation, and you’ll feel smooth under the arm. The dead cells will get wasted and the blood will rush over the brushed parts of the body, getting fresh nutritive ingredients. After this you could take a shower in order to get rid of the waste completely, and then spread some olive, cocoanut or almond oil. In case you have many moles on the body, circle them around , of course, and don’t rub those spots near them. At the beginning you should rub your body in the morning (and/or in the evening) each day –meaning all your body, even your face and neck. Later on the rubbing can be done several times a week, most recommendable before taking a bath or shower.
dry massage 1
In case you don’t have time for the entire body, then do just the back part and the legs, or those parts which are most important according to you 2-3 times a week quickly and your skin will be so grateful. You’ll feel good in tour new and smooth skin. After a while you’ll see that you can take bigger pressure with the rubbing without felling discomfort. The bigger pressure is, the circulation will be bigger and the elimination of the dead cells will be also bigger.

A lot of people expect for their skin to function without problems despite the way they’re treating it. Sometimes we do things we are not aware of at all.

Remember: the skin is human’s biggest and protruding organ being the first to get the external influence and that’s why the same needs special treatment. No matter how strange it sounds, this method is being created on the sample of the animal’s world i.e. nature. Almost all animals have some sort of rubbing that they perform either among each other or from some tree, rock, soil etc. This way the animals are getting rid of the surplus of dead cells of the skin or hairs and the fur. People have forgotten on this process as time went by. This simple method returns us to the natural way of getting rid of the dead cells on the skin. This method doesn’t ask for any additional finances for expensive creams and lotions, recommended both to male and female. Nevertheless females are especially excited because of the visual aesthetic and anti-cellulite benefits.