Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Services

Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Services

Today, there are many health covers in the market that promote themselves as Mental Health Insurance plans. Each policy has something different to offer to the customers allowing the customers to feel pampered for choices. Before you select a specific mental health insurance plan, it is important that you know certain things about mental health insurance plan.

How many visits are covered in a Mental Health Insurance Plan?

The coverage on number of visits is highly dependent on the type of plan you choose. On an average, the coverage is for 20 to 30 sessions a year. The average cost of one treatment session is about $150 with the customers or patients having to pay up to 50% of the treatment cost. An insurance program by the name of Medicare, allows unlimited number of visits to senior citizens aged above 65.

What is the coverage of my plan?

The coverage of your plan is again highly dependent on the plan you choose. Most of the mental health insurance plans cover a wide range of areas from anxiety to relationship difficulties. Some ailments not covered are weight loss or the need for aromatherapy massage. Patients suffering from lack of IQ cannot expect to be covered under the mental health insurance plans.

Is drug and medication covered as a part of my mental health insurance plan? It is obvious that the medication schedule prescribed by the doctor would need to be adhered to by the patient. When buying a generic drug, the patient may be expected to pay $5 as a copayment which goes up to $10 in case of branded drugs. The rest of the cost of the medication would be borne by the insurance company.

More details about an Employee Assistance Program?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) is setup by companies that help employees sort out their personal issues, emotional problems and other psychological problems. You need not hesitate to go for these programs as the details of these visits are often kept confidential. More importantly, these services are offered free of charge to the employees that would encourage employees to opt to go for these programs.

It is extremely important that you do a lot of research on mental health insurance plans available to you. You would need to arrive at a decision based on the benefits offered by the different mental health insurance plans.

At the end of the day, you would be paying the premiums on your insurance covers and you have all right to know the offers of the insurance product. Visits to your doctor on mental health can get a bit expensive at times, and mental health insurance can come to your rescue.