Butter Cookies

butter cookies
Referring the ingredients, take :
170 grams (6 oz) of flour,
1 pastry powder,
100 grams (3.5 oz) of butter
100 grams (3.5 oz) of sugar
1 soup spoon of vanilla sugar and
1 egg.

Take a vessel and mix the flour and the pastry powder in it. Then take another vessel and there you put the sugar and the butter, mixing them until you get a foamy mass (meaning mix it for about 3 minutes). Then you add the egg and the vanilla sugar and reduce the speed continuing with the mixing.  After the ingredients are mixed well, you add the mix consisted of the flour and the pastry powder and mix it once again. The gained batter should be taken out of the vessel and strain it with a rolling-pin with a thickness of around 1 finger. Then take a cookies griddle and cut the batter, then put the cut pieces into  a baking bowl that was rubbed with oil previously. The oven should be heated at 250ºC (482.00ºF)  for that time. The cookies should be baked  for around 10 minutes until they get golden-brownish color. After they get cold they are to be served sprinkled with powder sugar.