Check out these more than 20 situations of dreaming a pack-horse

The sumpter/ pack horse is a special symbol of happiness. When you dream that this pack horse is rolling in the dust, you’ll get very lucky and your possession will grow. This kind of horse can also be a symbol of some extraordinary woman or servant or goods, but also success and luck on the property.
The sumpter pack horse1
If you dream pack horse with size between horse and donkey and if the same is rufous/ redheaded, the dream is a symbol of sadness.

In case you dream riding a pack horse and at the same time you  usually ride riding horse, this means you’ll get to a lower stage, you’ll get weaker strength and power, or in some cases if you’re male maybe you’ll separate from your wife and marry a servant. If the opposite happens i.e. if you usually ride a donkey and now you dream riding a pack horse, this means your memory will increase, the income will multiply and the fame/ glory will be raised. This can also be a symbol for getting married to some free woman, after being married to a servant/ female slave. In case you dream more and more pack horses, this means a benefit in secular/ worldly sense. Your wife will get the power over you in case you dream that your horse is opposing and you can’t refrain it. On the other hand, in case you dream talking to your pack horse, this is a good sign for you-you’ll get a huge property from your wife and you’ll achieve a huge good reputation. In case you dreamed having encircled the pack horse (i.e. you had sex with it), this means our wife is not satisfied despite you do good deeds.

Sometimes riding a pack horse can also signify travelling. You’ll go to a distant travel and get some good from your wife in case you dream going on a pack horse. In case you dream riding a pack horse and you are like flying between the ground and heaven, you’ll most surely go on a journey along with your wife and then you’ll both get a higher position. Be careful-your wife is cheating on you in case you dream you are bitten by a pack horse.  Even worse is if you dream the pack horse’s death-this means your wife will die. You’ll get separated from your wife if you dream that somebody stolen your pack horse. Losing the pack horse is a symbol of a woman’s infidelity. In case you dream that a dog had jumped on the pack horse, you should interpret this as some un-believer (un-Muslim) follows your wife, and if some monkey rides the pack horse-this means some Jew follows your wife.

In case you dream black horse this is a symbol of wealth and lordship, while dreaming a black-and-white horse symbolizes ruler/monarch.

Some stranger will come to your settlement/place where you live in case you dream some unknown pack horse without any fitment.In case you dream cargo mares, have in mind that this is same as dreaming a pack horse.

In case some woman dreams two men coming closer, and one of them is on a dark green horse, while the other is on a-black-and-white horse and the second man has a stick with which he poked her stomach, she must be very careful of this second man. This means the first man; the one on the dark green horse is not immoral, compared to the other one.