Does dreaming of The Grasshopper can cause TROUBLE, DAMAGE …..? 
The Grasshopper is a symbol of an army, or maybe ordinary people or even multitude. The same might even be a symbolism of rainfall if they are dreamed falling on the houses’ roofs. In case they are dreamed in a really enormous number and even different than the common grasshoppers, located near people in the space between land and sky, they are symbol of a punishment.

The meaning is the same in case someone dreams ears, frogs or blood since they are all known as signs of punishment of the people, except people are collecting them or eat them and if they don’t do any harm nor damage since in this case they are symbols of supply that arrives and the life means /livelihood get bigger.

The sparrows, quails (Coturnix coturnix) or even mushrooms are signs of supply and livelihood-in case they are dreamed falling from the sky. The grasshoppers can mean money if they are collected in some pot. In case you dream taking the grasshoppers and putting them into a pitcher, this is a symbol of money that you’re going to get and give to your wife.

Some people even consider that if there are grasshoppers gathered on some place but they don’t do any harm, then they are a symbol of happiness and joy. Even better, if you dream a rain made of golden grasshoppers falling on you, this is symbol of boon and happiness. Sometimes the grasshoppers are sign of a baker who cheats on people regarding the food he sells them.