Discover what says the medicine about the honey

Even our ancestors, long time ago had left one big and important message for us. The same is connected to the honey. They believed, and they were convinced that we must go and look for the honey and use it for healing purposes. But this refers both for the scientists and doctors on one hand and the laics (the ordinary people) on the other. One of the theses for the magical curing power of the honey can be found in the plain fact that the bee produces honey with the help of the flowers, the sun and the air. The bee is the God sent insect which chooses only the benefits and the useful things from the flowers, avoiding everything which is harmful. It collects nectar and when it collects the needed quantity, the same returns to the hive, and what happens until the same goes back to the hive? The bee exposes the tongue on the air and the sun in order for the water to evaporate from the nectar. After returning to its hive, the bee secretes certain enzymes in the mouth, and this way a change of the white sugar (saccharose) contexture occurs and the same becomes fruit sugar (fructose and dextrose). The vitamins and some other very important, essential ingredients such as vitamins etc. are created this way, and the same has numerous healing features that are uncountable.

It is scientifically proven that approximately 12 grams of honey can be produced just by one bee. If we count the flying powers of the bee, we can calculate that this bee should fly away and come back for around 60 times.

When discussing about the honey bee contexture, we must believe the scientists that had proven this: around one fifth of the honey is water. Besides water, the honey is also composed of proteins, and the carbohydrates are counted as four fifths, then the vitamins B and E, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulfur. One hundred grams of honey bee are consisted of approximately 294 calories.

No matter the honey is sweet because of its small sugar amounts, the honey is not considered as dangerous (neither harmful) for people with diabetes since the bee’s honey is transformed into a simple sugar which is easily absorbed and which digestion in the human system lasts not too long in the human system. This is the reason why the honey is considered as calming and smooth cure for the nerves, too.

We are all aware of the fact that the any of us can be endangered by harmful health problems referring to the function of certain organs. This happens when certain acids are being accumulated into the human system and the same came from consumption of heavily digestible substances or processing the sugar oxide that can be found in the blood or in the muscles. This brings to certain lassitude and development delay.

The honey represents an alkaloid food composed of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, and due to them it has a huge impact on the establishing balance of alkaloids into the system, cleaning it from the acids which are opposed to the basis and which is “killing” the system vitality brining weakness and exhaustion. This is the reason why the patient feels great vitality and willingness for movement and activity after taking honey.

In the child’s tissues there is a certain amount of iron which is sufficient for three months only. If the mother’s milk has a low iron level, the child should take one spoon of honey on a daily basis and it is enough for the fourth month. This would also protect the baby/ nursling from getting a rachitis/ rickets and anemia.

It should be underlined that the children with anemia have a higher level of hemoglobin in the blood if the food they consume every day is filled with honey bee. You must add honey bee in the food every day. Some other experts had shown that honey can be also very useful in the process of increasing the weight, eliminating the diarrhea and the vomiting.

The strongly recommended amount of honey for baby feeding regarding the daily dose are two small spoons of honey on every 200-250cm3 cow milk. This dose is increased for half of small spoon honey more in case of constipation. Opposite this, in case of diarrhea this dose must be reduced for one small spoon.