One of the bases for good health and functioning of the human system is the good and healthy digestion system.  The biggest number of the diseases that some individuals get is most often coming as a result of the food and the toxins that they get from the food. It is interesting that neither the healthy way of nutrition is a guarantee that there won’t be accumulated toxins in the human system. The reason for this is the fact that the harmful things and toxins are sticking on the liver and the intestines and they stay there inevitable during the entire life of the individual. One of the best and healthiest things the person can make for his/her own health and body is cleaning and throwing away the harmful things from the digestion tract.

In ancient times there were doctors that have examined this problem, and they’ve managed to develop a special method of curing i.e. they’ve invented a diet called Wheat gruel therapy. The same was supposed to be used for people with some disease of the digestive tract i.e. intestines cleaning and the digestion organ cleaning, as well as general regeneration and system cleaning on simple, quick and very efficient and successful way.
The therapy procedure is as following: on daily basis you need to prepare between pound to a 2 pounds (500gr to 1000gr) of raw wheat grain (depending on the condition and the weight of the individual), and you cook it with ordinary water for 3-4 hours. The grain should be damped into bigger metal vessel with a lot of water and cook it until you get a thick but liquid starchy mass. This mass should be stirred during the cooking and if there is need during the cooking you can also add some water in order to be more liquid and not to get burned. After getting cooked thick and liquid mass, then you filter it in order to get rid of the grain husks that can’t be cooked. Through the gruel you can sprinkle some sugar, if you wish. While using this therapy the experts say it is not allowed eating anything else except cooked fruit in a form of stewed fruit. You shouldn’t be drinking any liquids except ordinary water if you are so much thirsty, but on the other hand the very gruel has a lot of water that is absorbed by the grains. This sort of diet should be applied depending on the condition of your system and the disease, and depending on your potentials you can apply it between 5 to 15 days, feeding yourself on the already described way. You will very soon see how your system and the digestion tract gets cleaned of the toxins and brings you to better health condition.

The thing that is especially significant for this is that by applying this therapy you won’t get weaker nor get exhausted –as it happens with other diets since the gruel has enough calories inside. This way the human digestive organ and the intestines get rid of the different harmful accumulated things, as well as soothing the inflammatory intestines, and a new intestinal mucous and this way the entire system gets rid of the toxin things. Huge role in this play the albumen in the wheat grains that become starchy mass during the cook, and they are also better becoming digested compared to all other albumen. This cooked grains absorb a lot of water and create an ideal dilution mass with the starchy mass, which on the other hand dilutes the entire sediment on the inside parts of the intestines, and the process is painless. This way all the toxin things are diluted.

For each one of us it is very important to eliminate all those things that are dangerous and that cause a row of problems and diseases. They are the reason for ptomaine/ poisoning with food of the tissues and different sorts of digestion organ and intestine diseases, as well as digestion interruptions, losing appetite, flatulence, intestinal and digestion cramps, increased level of acid creation, burping, inflammation of the large intestine and ulcer on the digestion organ and ulcer on the duodenum.

The consequence of the weak and the ill digestion organ or some intestine hardship can be liver disease, spleen and kidney, or jaundice, wrist/ankle inflammation (arthritis), gout, sand in the urine, arteriosclerosis, and different sorts of cancer that can be developed from this. If the wheat gruel therapy manages to eliminate thoroughly all the toxins from the system, it is very much possible to stop the already mentioned diseases, or to get soothed or cured, and the entire system gets evidently strengthen.