Miracle Cure for Cancer -Protect Against Heart Attack

heart attack
This magic receipt purifies the blood vessels, heals the heart and literally improves the immunity, cleans the liver, also improves the brain functioning, prevents us from happening heart attack/ strike and the experts also consider it helps to those patients who have cancer and are on some kind of treatment.

The ingredients needed for its preparation are as following:
15 lemons,
12 bulbs of garlic,
1 kg of honey,
400 grams of wheat germs and
400 grams of walnuts.

First of all you need to take 400 g of un-proceeded wheat and to put it into glass jar. Then fill it with water and leave it like that for 10-12 hours.  Cover it with a gaze. After 10-12 hours filter it through the gaze and wash the grains good. One day later on you will see germs with size of 1-2 mm.

Then take a grinding machine and grind along the garlic, the walnuts and the wheat germs. Then also grind 5 lemons along with the crust, and add them into the previously made mash. Be careful: only the juice from the rest 10 lemons should be added into the mash. At the very end you also add the honey. Then the mash should be poured into glass jars. You keep it into fridge after the preparation. You use this cure after you’ve left it like that for 3 days.

This is cure for the entire human system and for all sorts of diseases.

Regarding the way of consuming
You should know that first of all you need to take 1-2 soup spoons of this cure on each 30 minutes before each main meal (which will say 3 times a day). For the patients with cancer, the experts underline that the measure of this cure should be taken on each 2 hours, per 1 spoon only.