The skin must be cleansed and then make a massage. Take a glass of water and dilute a spoon of salt and a spoon of diluted ethyl alcohol (several drops of lemon juice can be added), then damped a napkin with this dilution and start massaging the neck from the bottom to the top in rhythm and carefully.

The hot overlays along with cone hops tea, sage leaves tea, mint tea, linden blossom tea and chamomile are very effective when talking about care of the face and neck.

After skin cleansing with toilette water  or toilette milk put several layers on the neck, alternating hot (lasting 2-3 minutes) and cold (2-3 minutes). They should be changed since 2-3 times.
For people with sagging and wrinkled neck skin a fatty overlay made of almond oil or peach oil is strongly recommended.

This kind of an overlay should be covered with parchment paper from the top, and then the neck needs to be wrapped with a napkin or a bandage. The overlay should be kept  for 15 minutes. After taking it off, put nourishing cream.