More than 30 different dreams connected to dreaming a donkey

A DONKEY is a symbol of luck-no matter if fat or skinny. In case the dreamed donkey is a big one, the dreamer would achieve high reputation; if the same walks well, the dreamer would get a huge worldly gain; if the donkey is pretty, this represents the beauty of his lord; if the donkey is white this means faith and reputation of its lord; in case the donkey is fat this is a symbol of the huge and valuable possession of the lord; if the donkey is skinny this is a symbol of the lord’s poverty;  in case the donkey is black this means joy, lordship, possession, honor,  magnificence and power of the lord; if the donkey is green this means restraining from sins and good faith of the lord. The donkey with a saddle is a pure symbol of child and honor. A long donkey tail represents transferring the power to the descendants. If the donkey dies in the dream it is a symbol of death of the person who had that dream. The donkey’s hooves are a symbol of property which is backbone of supporting the family of the lord. Some of the experts in this field consider that the donkey’s death in a dream is a sign of losing the property of the lord, and in another case-if this doesn’t happen, then putting an end to the relations with the relatives, or departure the relatives, or death of the slave that served, or in some cases death of the father or the grandfather that he took care of. In case if nothing of this happens, then this is a symbol of death of the dreamer’s lord where he served, or that his lord is going to sell him.

In case the woman dreams such a dream, her husband is going to divorce from her or he is going to die, or in the third case he’ll go away from the place she lives. The donkey which lord is un-familiar to the dreamer and to whom no-one pays attention is a symbol of some ignorant man and unbeliever.

If you dream many donkeys, this is a sign that you’ll hang out with ignorant people.

The person who dreams riding a donkey or walks on foot with donkey by his/her side, and the donkey walks obediently-this person will get lucky and things will go well for him/her.

If you dream eating donkey meat, you’ll get happiness and property.

In case you dream a donkey that doesn’t want to walk-he would be deprived of possession and there will be no food except after plead.

If you dream that some donkey enters your home with load, this is your luck and the same is inside the load that the donkey brings with itself.

When there is a dream in which you see how the donkey had turned into a mule, then you’ll get the vital supply by the ruler; and if the donkey has turned into a beast his luck and life supply will come from a ruthless ruler. If the dream manifests that the donkey had turned into an Aries/ram his luck will be from honest and honorable people. If you dream carrying your donkey, this is a symbol of your strength which will make you happy and other people will be admired. If you dream hearing hoof-beats of animals between houses, but you can’t see them, have in mind that this is a symbol of rain and torrent. When dreaming a donkey as a traveler is a symbol of some good and tardiness, and your voyage will be suitable to the donkey he/she dreamed of.

When dreaming donkey dung/droppings, be prepared for increasing the possession. If you dream fighting/ wrestling with a donkey, be prepared for the death of some closer relative. When dreaming that you had jumped on a donkey, be prepared to increase the possession, and it is the other way round i.e. the donkey jumps on you then you’ll achieve both possession and beauty. Obedient donkey is a symbol of increased commitment of its owner in doing good deeds, gaining property and moving forward. When you dream that you’ve bought or gained donkey and have entered into the house, you will be blessed by God and you’ll get all the goods, eliminating all the worries. In case the donkey is, on top of all, full of load, this is even better sign for you.

In case you dream wrestling against your donkey, the experts predict you’ll get poor, and in case you dream wrestling against some other person’s donkey then you’ll disassemble from your friend, namesake or accomplice. When dreaming buying a donkey and paying in Dirham (unit of currency in several Arab states), you’ll reach some good under basis of your speech. On the other hand, when dreaming a blind donkey means you have some goods, but you don’t know where it is located. Referring a donkey it is not desirable only dreaming the donkey braying/heehaw. In a vast number of cases the donkey is a symbol of human commitment and luck.