Anti Stress Program

This phenomenon is a congregation of non-specific reactions on the harmful factors in the human system caused by the working and life surrounding. These harmful factors activate the adaptation mechanism in the system in order for the same to protect and create a balance with the surrounding. When there is imbalance in the system, the defense system reacts against the type of the stress, but the adaptation system always reacts the same way.

The stress reaction is of neuro-endocrine character and the same manifests as a convulsion of symptoms. That is why the same is called general adaptation syndrome or Sally syndrome. In case the person is constantly exposed to the stress or the same is very often exposed to it, there comes to distortion in the system functioning. This causes the so-called adaption disease such as hypertension. The factors that cause the stress can be numerous and of different type. Here we refer to physical factors (cold, warmth, noise, vibrations, toxins) and psychological (huge responsibility, disturbed interpersonal relations…)


For calming the neural system down, the experts recommend drinking the following tea (per half a glass) 3 times a day: 3 spoons of Motherwort (Leonarus cardiacand) 3 spoons of mint leaf, as well as per 2 spoons of Valerian root and hop cones. Take 1 to 2 small spoons of the mix and cook it in a water bath for 15 minutes, get it cold, filter it and add 200 ml.

Take per 1 spoon of cone hops, Valerian  root, St. John’s worth, angelica roots and  rhizomes of couch grass (Graminis rizoma), and then 1 spoon of the mix needs to be parboiled with 1 glass of hot water, left covered for 15 minutes and filtered. Drink it hot –per 1 glass during a strong excitement.