Did You Know………………

Biggest part of the medicines can be found in the nature, and a lot of experts in the field of the herbal treatment have gained their knowledge by making a lot of experiments. We have heard that this is also known as an empirical medicine or experimental therapy.

The doctors who are applying and using the herbal treatment get a lot of knowledge and experience between the wild life and the nature. These experts have noticed that animals, compared to the human beings, are using the medicines (cure) by their instinct, because we all know that they are searching for food when they feel hunger, and they look for water when they feel thirst.

The most illustrative example is when we analyze the cat-if it eats the wrong and poison food which is not the natural and healthy food, the same searches for some plant that produces edible oil and squeezing it until it causes the feeling of disgust and vomiting in order to eliminate the deadly consequences.

Among other things, the biologists have noticed that the snake has weak vision when appearing on the surface, and this is the reason why it searches for the special plant anise (L. Foenicilum vulgare) and rubbing its eyes with this plant’s leaves. Because of this the biologists have very often recommended (suggested) this plant for patients with weak vision.

Similar to these examples, if the cub swallow becomes blind its mother will bring him the so-called swallow plant. The same refers when talking about the seabirds having a constipation, they washed their stomach with the seawater. There are many other cases similar to the described ones.

If we take the onion as an example, we can agree on the fact that the same is favorite among the wide range of people. Even though we know its healing effects in many areas, we can be astonished by some other positive aspects of this magical plant. Here we can mention the example of improved digestion after its consumption, or that it helps in controlling the combustion and elimination of the excess amount of sugar and same as an aromatic bird fats it has strong antibacterial effect. The onion is also a good agent for people with bad mood, making the nerves stronger, stopping the arteriosclerosis (arterial obstructive), and all this doesn’t give us the unwanted effect of the hair fall.

All these positive elements are hidden in just one ordinary bulb of onions, and we must admit that we are astonished and amazed of so many positive and healing aspects gathered in just one natural plant.

There were antic people in the past, especially in the East parts of the world, that were using the herbs for a treatment. We have heard that they used the poppy seed for the treatment of high temperature and soothing the pain, while the mint and the resin were used for treating ulcers and the skin inflammations, the burdock oil was used for curing the constipation and making the hair stronger, the rose hip was used for treating the phlegmatic shape, while the bitter gourd (bitter gourd (melon) was used also for treatment of the constipation and eliminating the parasites. So many centuries after this time, we still use all these magical plants for the same purposes.

There are some people who astray in this direction, putting a ban for meat consumption, eating only a vegetarian food, in the quantities that are enough for them to  be maintained in life. But even though the vegetarian food is enriched with all the needed and important elements/ ingredients such as the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are, the need of maintenance of the body temperature and the tissue regeneration is far bigger and this is why they should also eat balanced food, combined both with herbal and animal food in order to get improved digestion process.

Number of people who eat vegetarian food are faced with anemia because of the lack of B12 and iron, and we can also notice the lack of iodine, calcium, zinc, vitamin B which can be found in the animal origin food. This food has a huge quantity of the listed elements ,and the protein quantities in the animal system, too. The level of its utilization is also huge.