The brittle or damaged nails

The brittle or damaged nails 1
If you have cuticles inflammation take 50 grams of Black marshmallow and leave it in cold water during the night, this water (heated) can be used for arms or legs bats before putting to the afflicted spot, and the bath lasts for 20 minutes. If the same is kept in cold, it can be used two to three times more. The afflicted cuticles should be lubricated with a marigold balsam.
Althaea officinalis 'Marsh Mallow' (Malvaceae) flower

The brittle or damaged nails need to be lubricated with onion juice. You need to cut the onion in two pieces and rub the nails more often. The same can be squeezed.

The Aconitum napellus (monkshood, aconite, wolfsbane, fuzi, monk’s blood ) is also very helpful. It can be found at the edges of the woods and in the meadows. Open the fat tree-trunk and make a section, and overflow your cuticles with this juice. But the effect can’t be evident after just one use-repeat this process for a longer period.
Aconitum napellus (monkshood aconite wolfsbane fuzi monk's blood