Cress Seeds  Garden cress;  Tongue-grass  Lepidium sativum, Nasturtium

The healing properties of water cress reside in its heat and dryness in the third degree. Cress seeds help eject intestinal worms, cure scales caused by ringworm, dry up pus formation in boils, cure impetigo, abate swelling of the spleen (splenoma), stimulate sexual desire, and increase semen.

A poultice made of garden cress and honey abates the swelling of the spleen, and helps sufferers of enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly). Cress seeds cooked with camphire (henna)  act as an expectorant .

Drinking an infusion of garden cress helps against insect-bites, and the smoke of garden cress repels insects.

Treating one’s hair with the juice extracted from garden cress can stop hair loss. Spreading a pomade of cress, barley stems and apple cider vinegar can help remedy sciatica, and hastens abatement of inflammation of the nerve endings and hot swellings during convalescence. Applying a pomade of crushed cress seeds soaked in salt water helps the maturation of furuncles and their possible elimination.

Eating garden cress helps recover from atony, reduces muscle tension, increases appetite, helps asthma sufferers, alleviates breathing difficulties, purifies the lungs, stimulates menstrual period, reduces the pain of the acetabulum, and helps sufferers of sciatica in general. Drinking a decoction of cress seeds dissolves viscous phlegm in the chest and lungs and helps their purgation, cuts short diarrhea and vomiting, and reduces bile. Drinking a decoction of 20 grams of cress seeds stimulates bowel movement, expels wind, and reduces nephritic colic pain.

Drinking a finely ground preparation of cress seeds helps sufferers of lepra. Applying patches of cress seeds with apple cider vinegar on herpetic eruption helps their cure, and a bandage of the same reduces common headaches caused by cold. A drink of whole fried cress seeds calms one’s nature because frying releases its oil. Rinsing one’s head with the water of garden cress dissolves impurities and washes away viscous humidity.